Exclusive Edition vs Non-Exclusive Edition

Exclusive Edition or Non-Exclusive Edition, that is the question!

Here at PureArts, we often release both an Exclusive Edition and a Non-Exclusive Edition of our collectibles. Have you ever wondered about the difference between the two? Wonder no more!

Exclusive Editions are more limited, often with limitations under 250 units and as low as 50 units! In addition to increased rarity, they always come with an Exclusive Item. The Exclusive Item is a free bonus item based on the product and character portrayed. For example, the Assassin’s Creed RIP Altair 1/6 Scale Diorama Exclusive Edition includes a wearable memory seal necklace and is limited to only 250 units!

The Non-Exclusive Edition has a higher limitation and is available for distribution to other retailers, so any time you order outside of, it will be the Non-Exclusive Edition. The actual collectible will be the exact same but with a higher limitation and no bonus Exclusive Item. For example, the Assassin’s Creed RIP Altair 1/6 Scale Diorama is limited to 1250 units. There is no price difference between the Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Editions.

The Exclusive Edition is always only available from and is always the product we have on our online store on launch day! Once the Exclusive Edition has sold out, the product will be marked as sold out, and we’ll open orders for the Non-Exclusive Edition on our site. We also always open a waitlist for the sold-out Exclusive Edition, which you can find in the product description!

Are you wondering which edition you have ordered? The easiest way to tell is by looking at the product name in your order. If it says “Exclusive Edition” in the product name, then you’ve ordered the Exclusive Edition! If “Exclusive Edition” is missing from the product name, you have the Non-Exclusive Edition.


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