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Who We Are

Founded in 2008 by the artist and collector Hugues Martel, PUREARTS® is one of the leading creators and manufacturers of premium quality collectible figurines for the video game and the movie industries.

Since the very beginning of its operations, PUREARTS® has provided graphic & commercial art design, development and consulting services to the biggest players of the industry, each time striving to create memorable collectibles based on their licensed characters.

From designer toys to indie games to blockbuster movies, its masterful storytelling, development, design, and production have earned global industry awards and top recognitions from the high-end statue communities, its fans, and the collectors for quality and detail.

We keep building partnerships with major players in the film and video game industry, like Ubisoft, CDPR, Warner Bros, DC, Riot Games and more. We use these obtained licenses for our favorite projects!

PUREARTS® has real worldwide visibility and manages all steps of the creation and production process internally from its offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Montreal. PureArts bring passion, creativity, and dedication to every collectible. Run by collectors for collectors, PureArts is dedicated to bringing collectibles to the next level.

Our process: From Concept to Collectible

PureArts puts passion, creativity, and dedication into all steps of the design & production processes.

First, our 2D artists draw up beautiful and creative concept art, which then get passed on to our amazing 3D artists team for posing and blocking, details, and model separation. We are always in close contact with our licensors to ensure the collectibles are accurately following their expectations.

Prototypes are then created by our extremely talented team in China and later shipped back to our Montreal office so that they can be used for photos, livestreams, and conventions! We launch the pre-order shortly after the prototype is received!

Shortly after the prototype has been approved, we move right into production. No need to wait for a certain number of products to be pre-ordered, all of our products are added into the production schedule as soon as possible!

Our products are all hand-painted by amazing artists and completely assembled by our specialized crew.  Finally, the figurines are packed up to be shipped to our global warehouses, where they’ll be picked and shipped to you!

Our Materials

We use non-toxic polyresin, PVC, ABS, and real fabric for our statues, busts, and articulated figures. We’ve even developed our own poly-based casting material for our Batman line, designed to look and feel like the real high gloss latex used for prop materials, but never deteriorate.


Have any questions about PureArts or our products? We’re always happy to chat! Email us at support@purearts.com

Looking for a community based on collecting? Want to learn more about PureArts and chat with PureArts team members? Join the PureArts Collectors Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PureArtsCollectors

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