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Who is Daytoner and the Master 9 Eyes Kickstarter Campaign?

Who is Daytoner and the Master 9 Eyes Kickstarter Campaign?

Who is Daytoner?

Daniel Hahn aka DayToner is an outstanding concept artist whose passion for art mainly grew from obsessive sketching and graffiti in his teenage years.

His main influence comes from Arttoys, Japanese vibes, and a mix between urban fashion and futuristic robots. The number 9 is an iconic and powerful number both mathematically and culturally, found in all his artwork.

PureArts had been seduced at first glance by his very graphic and stylized design characters, and the idea of teaming up with the artist, DayToner, just came very naturally.

Click here to check out Daytoner's Instagram

Master 9 Eyes

Master 9 Eyes never left the house without his "knife block“.

To have a plan b or even a plan c was a crucial strategic element in his otherwise reckless and lavish fighting style. His opponents usually underestimated him due to his chunky appearance... but he always had the better stance. There are rumors about the ninth eye. Some say it’s his MK II combat sensor others say it’s instinct.

The Master 9 Eyes comes in two different size: one chunky 1/6 scale (30 cm) polyresin statue and one 1/12 scale (15 cm) vinyl art toy.

Discover the behind the scenes of this cool dude with the following pictures:

Kickstarter Campaign

Starting February 4 until March 9, choose your reward to support our project! We will have special early bird rewards, so be sure to be here from the very beginning!

Our mission with this Kickstarter challenge is to support talented artist, DayToner and help him to bring this awesome creative project to life.

Our goal is to involve each and everyone of you throughout all this collaborating project, the more backers, the more surprises you will get. Help us grow, get rewarded!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign by clicking HERE!

Thank you for your support everyone, we really appreciate all the love!

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