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Master 9 Eyes 1/12
The production for the vinyl edition of Master 9 Eyes is going smoothly. We are now halfway through and we are even ahead of our estimated timeline.

So it's time to make some room for your first M9E figure!
Master 9 Eyes 1/6

For the resin edition, as always, our priority is to provide the best result possible.
The good news is that we have just finished the tooling for the metal legs, they look awesome and will provide a better stance, stability and will be unbreakable!

These has slightly impacted our original timeline but not too much.
However, the rest of his body is already cast, and painting is on-going.



Daytoner is in full drawing mode to create the sketch that will be included in the exclusive Katana Kits.


Don't forget to fill out the surveys that confirm your order information.

If you haven't received the survey, please send us your full address and order details, otherwise, we will not be able to send you your order!



Discover the 1/6 Scale resin M9E premium packaging preview designed by Daytoner.

We've managed to get a box that is resistant and sturdy enough but still visually amazing.
All of the artwork has been finalized on the packaging and the design has been approved so we wanted to share the full design with everyone.

We know how you love sneak peak of the production process!


Dark Starr Edition

Master 9 Eyes DARK STARR Edition was released last Friday 28th for the Thailand Toy Expo 2020!
A big thanks for everyone who participated in this event and tuned in to get this exclusive limited edition!

It was amazing to see the hype generated by this release:
the 50 units of the Dark Starr were sold out in less than a minute! Continue to follow our socials to be aware about the next drop of this event exclusive variant.


We will keep you posted when shipping is about to start for the resin version, so stay tuned! Some more updates will come shortly.

Let us know which kind of art toys you'd like us to bring to life or which artist we should work with in the future. We always love to hear your great ideas!
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