Artist spotlight #1 - Mickael Lelievre

Mickael Lelievre is an incredible modeling artist with over ten years of experience and an impressive catalogue. Beginning as a modeler in animation film and TV, Mickael now boasts an extensive portfolio with games, books, collectibles, and more. His passion for art and love of mother nature finds a beautiful home here at Designer Earth Toys. Taking inspiration from different art forms, Mickael is especially influenced by “Cabinet de Curiosités,” an ancient art of mixing different species of animals to create Chimera. Mickael uses 3D modelling and Zbrush to bring creative and unique concepts from his mind to life.

Mickael’s first two designs for Designer Earth Toys beautifully demonstrate Mickael’s creativity and use of “Cabinet de Curiosités.” In mythology, the Griffon, made of a lion and an eagle, were guardians of treasure, becoming a symbol of power in ancient lore. From the Griffon, the Peagle is born. Half pug- half eagle, the Peagle is a contemporary play on myths from antiquity. With Peagle, Mickael set out to create a cute, goofy, and weird creature, using the history of the Griffon to create a new kind of chimera.

Lilicorn is a real unicorn! She was born with the glow of an incandescent magic wand full of magic. A small spark rebounded when a spell was cast by an apprentice witch, ricocheting all over a magic classroom and ending in a small box filled with powder. With a very small “Poof,” Lilicorn was born. She is not very big, but she contains all the magic of a real unicorn. Mickael sought to create a creature different from his usual scary, serious characters. Inspired by his wife, mother, and the toys of the 80s, Mickael cast the spell for the cutest and most magical Lilicorn.

Stay tuned to and for more amazing creations from Mickael and of course be sure to check out his Instagram for more amazing designs!

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