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NFTs, NFCs, and the Future of Collectibles

For the first time, as an innovative leader in collectibles, Purearts will include an NFC chip embedded in the bases of the new high-end BAYC #1356 - Bored Space Ape 1/8 Scale statue and BAYC #778 - Bored Captain Ape 1/8 Scale statue. This revolutionary technology allows the owner to connect their crypto wallet and claim their unique digital collectible of their physical statue, conceptually linking physical and digital collectibles, certifying the authenticity and opening never-ending utilities for collectors. 

The NFC chip is a digital chip that represents and stays linked to the physical product: the Bored Ape 1/8 Scale Statue. The NFC chip uses a decentralized server, allowing the NFC chip to remain connected to the Bored Ape statue for its entire physical lifetime. Thus, if it’s later sold or traded, the new owner can scan the same chip to authenticate their ownership through a decentralized system.

Claiming your digital collectible is as easy as ever. To claim your digital collectible and certify your statue’s authenticity, scan the NFC chip embedded in the statue base with your phone’s camera using any NFC reading app (available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store). This authenticates your physical collectible and turns your statue into a PBT, tying your digital collectible to your crypto wallet.

This innovative project opens never-ending opportunities for collectors as it merges the physical and digital worlds, with the physical statue unlocking digital experiences.



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